Energy & Sustainability

Energy & Sustainability


As part of the Jewish Federation of New Orleans’ mission trip to Israel, the Energy & Sustainability track is developing an exciting itinerary focused on cultivating an exchange between Louisiana and Israel. l of strengthening Louisiana’s economic ties with Israel. The purpose of the track is to identify industry-related synergies, discuss new projects and technologies, and explore growth opportunities. From traditional oil & gas to hydrogen, solar, and other clean energy alternatives, this track considers a broad range of issues and interests related to the energy sector, including technology and innovation.

We are pleased that Secretary Tom Harris (Louisiana Department of Natural Resources) has confirmed his participation in the Mission and will be discussing Louisiana’s energy landscape with members of the Israeli government. This will include the State’s leadership in the development of broad-scale geologic carbon sequestration, its efforts to become an international clean hydrogen hub, and its plans for the growth of green fuels.

Highlights of the trip include:

  • Israel Ministry of Energy – Dialogue with the Ministry of Energy on issues companies face when pursuing business interests in the US and Israel, including public and private funding initiatives. This event will close with a networking reception.
  • Solar energy – Office and/or site visit with Israeli-based solar developer that builds, operates, and holds solar ground base facilities on private and commercial properties.
  • Oil & Gas – Office visit and panel discussion with Israeli oil & gas company and representatives from the Louisiana energy sector.
  • Institutional Research – Discussions and demonstrations of new technologies related to sustainability and oil & gas. This session is in collaboration with Tulane University.


  • Chevron – Israel
  • Doral Renewables
  • University of Haifa’s Natural Resources and Environmental Research Center
  • Dinner with Navitas Petroleum representative
  • Hebrew University – Geopolitics and Energy Research Group
  • Business to Business Meetings
  • Government Officials, including the President of Israel (subject to availability)


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